Bumble Bee Bounce Challenge

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Year 1 & 2 Challenge!

Linked to Learn! 10 – Bouncing

You have been busy practicing your bouncing. Are you ready to take part in our challenge?

Bumble Bee Bounce

How fast can you bounce a ball from flower to flower, landing on each flower and collecting your pollen?

You will need:

  • Stopwatch or mobile phone
  • 12 toys or household items to mark out your “flowers”
  • Ball

How to:

  • Set up 3 areas out in your space with household objects, around 2 metres square each, these are your flowers and you are the Bouncing Bumble Bee.
  • The Bumble Bee travels to each flower and collects the pollen and moves on.
  • The timer starts, and the players sets off bouncing the ball towards the first “flower”.  Stop when you get there and bounce the ball 5 times.
  • Once done, move on to the next “flower” and repeat.
  • Repeat again for the last flower then return to the beginning. 
  • The clock stops and make a note of the time.  Try to beat your time on the next go.
  • Don’t worry if you stop bouncing just pick the ball up and continue.

Video Demonstration

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