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Stay at Home Heroes Challenge!

Catch the Drop!

Challenge yourself, and your friends, to see who can ‘Catch the Drop!”. See how many you can do in a row? Challenge to beat your personal best of how many times you can do this in a row? Challenge your parents? Challenge your brother/sister? Challenge the cat! (well, maybe not the cat, but you get the idea!).

How to:

LEVEL 1 (EYFS/Inclusion)
Hold a balloon in two hands, release the balloon and catch it as soon as possible before it hits the floor. How many can you do in a row?

Hold a ball in your dominant hand (the hand you write with) out in front of you. Release the ball and then catch it with the same hand. Can you do this with your non dominant hand (the hand you don’t write with)? Video

Hold a ball in you dominant hand, can you release the ball and grab it with the other hand before it hits the floor? Try it with the ball starting in different hands. Then, can you hold a ball in each hand out in front of you and release at the same time and catch with the same hand before either ball hits the floor? Video

LEVEL 4 (KS3/4)
Hold a ball in each hand out in front of you (yes, you will need two balls for this one!). Release the balls at the same time and then cross hands to catch the opposite ball before it hits the floor. Once you have done this, can you release the balls, whilst your arms are crossed and get back to your original start position? Can you then keep going and count how many you can do in a row? Video

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