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Creative Dance Activities
Goldilocks and the 3 bears

Aim: To make a dance sequence with a travel, turn, jump and moment of stillness

Video Demonstration

Tasks 1 – Read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

What happens in the story?  Discuss the structure –

  • The bears go for a walk.
  • Goldilocks enters the house and starts to look around.
  • She tries the porridge, the chair and then the bed.

Tasks 2 – Can you make a sequence of moves that tell the story?

Section 1 – Finding and entering the house.

  • Starting with how you enter the house? (Think about how you would enter the house. Would you open the door quickly or slowly? Would you rush in through the door or take your time?)

Section 2 – Exploring the house and you are starting to feel hungry

  • Once you are in the house move (Think about how you will move) and find the porridge.
  • Try the big bowl, too hot, (How will your face show that it is too hot?)
  • Try the middle-sized bowl, too cold, (How will you face show that it is too cold?)
  • Try the small bowl just right! (How will you face show that it is just right)

Section 3 – Trying the little bears chair!

  • Can you pretend to sit on a chair which is “just right” but then it oh no its breaks!! – (How can you show that the chair breaks? Fall down?)

Remember to keep safe when exploring this move

  • How will you get up from the floor and look at the mess?
  • How will you show how upset you are that you broke the chair?

Section 4 – Falling asleep and seeing the bears

  • Pretend to tip toe upstairs (or tip toe upstairs) to find a bed to fall asleep on (use the floor, sofa or a bed) (How will you show that the bed it uncomfortable? How will you show that it is just right?)
  • When you are comfortable fall asleep

The bears come home and find you asleep.
They wake you up! (How will you react? Scared? What will you do next?)

Can you find some music to go with your dance?

Repeat this several times until you can remember the order.
Perform it to someone in your house.

Task 3 – Change the Character – Instead of being Goldilocks be you!

What 3 things might you try? E.g. ice cream, play station game and the sofa.
Can you make up a sequence that has at least one focussed move (Travel, Turn, Jump or Stillness) in each section.

Think about how you will show what you are doing with your body and facial expressions.

Section 1 – Coming into the house after school
Section 2 – Feeling hungry
Section 3 – Playing a game
Section 4 – Chilling on sofa after a hard day!

Example sequence showing the focussed move in that section:

Run quickly on tiptoes into the house.  Try some ice cream from the freezer. Too cold Jump upSwitch on the playstation and turn on bottom when you have won to celebrate  Travel to the sofa and flop down still with a smile on your face.

Points to help improve:

  • Can you add change of levels – high, middle and low?
  • Can you change direction in your dance?
  • Can you use facial expressions?
  • Can you make your moves big and strong?