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Gymnastic Activities – Sequence

Aim: To make a gymnastic sequence of three different travels and two balances.

Video Demonstration

Tasks 1 – To practise a bunny hop

Start position

Bunny Hop

  • Move into the start position.
  • Put both hands on the floor in front with flat palms and thumb in line with fingers.
  • Kick up with your feet taing your weight on your hands.

Can you perform three bunny hops moving forward?
Can you perform three bunny hops moving backwards?

Task 2 – To create a sequence of three travelling actions.

The task is travel on hands and feet and make a triangle shape using three different travelling actions?

  • Bunny hop
  • Caterpillar walk
  • Crab walk

Caterpillar walk

Crab walk – Hands facing feet, tummy up, hips raised, walk forward.

(Q) Which travelling action will you start with?
(Q) How will you move to the crab position from the bunny hop or caterpillar?
(Q) How will you move from the bunny hop or caterpillar to the crab position?

Task 3 – To create a sequence of travel, balance, travel, balance, travel.

For this task you need to choose your two favourite balances and your three travelling actions from task 2 to create a longer gymnastic sequence by adding a balance in before changing to the next travelling action.


Starting positionTravelBalance 1TravelBalance 2Travel
  Front Support  Caterpillar walk  Balance on Three points    Turn to crab walk  Balance on bottom  Bunny hop

(Q) Did you keep still for 3 seconds on your balances?


  • Can you add a finishing position?
  • Can you do your sequence in reverse?

When we practice our balances remember the most important thing is to keep still.

In the challenges your balance must be held completely still for at least 3 seconds. (count 1 gymnast, 2 gymnast 3 gymnast in your head)

Try to point your fingers and toes to improve your balance.

If you are wibbly wobbly what can you change so that you are very still?

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