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Children are born ready and eager to learn. Physical development is one of the key areas of the early years foundation stage and is used to develop a child’s movement, handling of objects, understanding of their own body and health and levels of self-care.

The resources below are a fun way to develop these skills and be active!

Lancashire’s 5 fundamental movement skills for Under 5’s!

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks for movement that help prepare children for a participation in a wide range of school physical activities, PE and sport.

Children should be given regular opportunity to play and practice these skills:

Skill & Learn ResourceVideo Demonstration
JumpingJumping Video
ThrowingThrowing Video
HoppingHopping Video
Running Running Video
CatchingCatching Video

Online Resources available to support your child to be active through play!

Busy Feet at Home: (Online Resources)
Simple skill development e.g throwing and catching, and movement skills

Health Matters
(Live session Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 11am)

Hungry Little Minds
Activities for children of all ages. Videos, ideas and information 0-5 years.

Boogie Beebies
Videos that get younger children up and dancing with CBeebies presenters.  

Youth Sport Trust
Home learning resources to improve skills and have fun. Agility Obstacle Course Target Games Balancing

Online Videos

The recommended amount of physical activity for children under 5 is 180 minutes a day and should include opportunities for children to participate in active play, learn movements skills so they can master ways of controlling their bodies and coordinating their movements

For more information on physical activity and the benefits for children Under 5 click here; Physical activity and Movement Guidelines