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Learn! Week 8 – Creative Dance

Aim: To make a dance sequence with a travel, turn, jump, moment of stillness and lots of gestures throughout.

Video Demonstration

Task 1 – Look at a range of superheroes clips online, look at the way superheroes move and the poses (shapes) they make.

Choose your favourite superhero

  • Can you think of 3 poses (shapes) that show the strength/ character of your superhero? Practise moving from one pose to the other.
  • Now practise your 3 superhero poses at different levels. Can you do one low down, one at medium height and one high? How do you move from one pose to the other?
  • Choose a piece of superhero music and try performing your poses to the music. Think about the timing – how many counts are you going to hold pose for (remember normally dancers count in 8’s, you could hold your pose for 2, 4 or 8 counts)

Task 2 – Can you make a sequence of moves that tell the story?

Section 1 – Alter ego

  • Start the dance as your super heroes alter ego, you could be Peter Parker in the library. You hear that your help is needed. Make a short sequence setting the scene. E.g. reading a book sitting down, look startled as you hear your help is needed, jump up.
  • Use your 3 pose sequence from task 1 to turn into your super hero.
  • Practise putting the two sections together.

Section 2 – Travel to the rescue

  • Think about how your superhero would travel, can you travel on a variety of levels?
  • Can you travel on a zig zag pathway and a curved pathway?
  • Practise and set your travel sequence

Remember to keep safe when exploring travelling around the space.

Section 3 – Save the day

  • Can you create a short story about rescuing someone in difficulty?
  • Can the sequence have a travel, turn, jump, moment of stillness and lots of gesture throughout so we clearly know which superhero you are? These can be done in any order.
  • Think about timing, levels, pathways, interesting shapes, facial expressions and lots of superhero gestures.


  • How will you get from one move to the other?
  • Could you do a bit in slow motion?
  • Could you repeat a move?
  • Can you hold a move still for 4 counts?

Section 4 – Mission accomplished

  • Can you create an ending sequence where you have saved the day and then return home?

Can you now put the dance together?

  • Section 1 – Alter Ego
  • Section 2 – Travel to the rescue
  • Section 3 – Save the day
  • Section 4 – Mission accomplished

Can you find some music to go with your dance?

Repeat this several times until you can remember the order.

Perform it to someone in your house.

Task 3 – Change the Character – Try being a different superhero

Repeat the process

  • Section 1 – Alter Ego
  • Section 2 – Travel to the rescue
  • Section 3 – Save the day
  • Section 4 – Mission accomplished

Think about how you will show what you are doing with your body and facial expressions.

Example sequence showing the focused move in that section

Travel  JumpTurnStillness
Point your spider web and swing through the buildings Jump high and land crouched down looking out for person to rescueSpin on bottom Freeze with hands on hips, shoulder back and proud

Points to help improve:

  • Can you add change of levels – high, middle and low?
  • Can you change direction in your dance?
  • Can you use facial expressions?
  • Can you make your moves big and strong?

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