Spar Lancashire School Games

Learn! Skill 10: Bouncing

Aim: To develop your bouncing skills.

Task 1: Complete the below activity seeing if you can bounce the ball using your dominant hand.

Task 2: Complete it again but using your other hand.

Video Demonstration

Practice makes perfect – play the following game with a parent, carer or sibling

Points to help improve bouncing a ball

  • Imagine you have a sock puppet on our hand, and when you make them talk you open and close your thumb and fingers.  Bouncing a ball is the same, it’s the fingers and thumbs that touch the ball not the palm of your hand.
  • Aim to bounce the top of the ball, out in front of you being careful not to hit your own feet, utilising a mix of your shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers to get success and control
  • Bounce the ball with enough force so it bounces back up to belly button height
  • Repetition – keep practicing

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