Learn! Skill 2: Orienteering


Spar Lancashire School Games

Skill 2: Orienteering

Equipment: Paper, pencil, ruler, colours

Aim: To make an orienteering map to use at home and to design a course.

Task 1 Draw the Outline of your mapDraw an outline of the area of the house you want to use. (This can be the whole of one floor, or you can include the outside)

Task 2 Create a Key for your map

  • Choose a colour or pattern to fill in each item you have drawn on your map.
  • Add a key to show what all the colours and patterns represent.

Task 3 Set up the Control points (these are the points the map reader must find)

  • Use a circle to show where the map-reader must look and number the control points.
    • If you want to show where they start from then draw a triangle on the map.
    • Hide something at each control point. This could be a code, word or number.
    • Pick someone in your house to try out their map reading skills to see if they can find all the control points.

Video Demonstration