Spar Lancashire School Games

Learn! Week 5 – Invasion Games

Equipment: household objects to use as a marker (i.e. socks, paper, pegs, etc.)

Aim: To develop skills that will help in invasion games

Video Demonstration

Task 1 – To practice the skill of dodging

Dodging is a fundamental movement skill that involves quick, deceptive changes in direction and is a useful skill to develop when playing invasion games.

Compass Points

• Set up four markers to represent the 4 points of the compass (North, South, East, West)

• Start in the centre of the 4 markers and when your parent/carer calls out a point on

the compass, run and touch as near to the cone as they can with their foot (without touching the marker) and push away using their dodging skill and return to thecentre. (See Points to improve)

• Repeat with different compass points.

Challenge – Add in 4 more compass points until you have 8 (i.e. North West, North East, South West and South East)

Play the game again


Points to improve . .

  • Head up eyes focused forward.
  • Change direction by bending knee to lower body and pushing off the outside foot.
  • Change of direction occurs in one step

(Q) Can you dodge well in both directions?

Task 2 – (W) Dodging Drills

  • Set up a W shape using your markers
  • From the start run quickly to the next marker and push off using your dodging skill to the next one and continue until the end.
  • (Q) Can you beat your time?
  • (Q) Can you do it backwards?

Task 3 – Shooting

Equipment – ball or large scrunched up paper ball or pillowcase filled with socks.

One of the best things when playing invasion games is scoring by shooting into a goal or scoring a try.

Netball – shooting at home in twos:

  • Parent/carer is the post and stands with hands up.
  • Player pushes ball up into the air to shoot to land in the parent’s hand (Parent must not move)
  • Score 10 points if the parent doesn’t move their hands, 5 points if they move their arms to catch the ball and 0 points if they move their legs or if the ball doesn’t end up being caught.

Points to improve . . .

  • Two hands on the ball, one underneath and one on side
  • Feet square on to target
  • Bend knees and push with feet and arms to push ball in air.
  • Aim high above target and follow through with fingers pointing at target on release


  • Decrease the distance between shooter and catcher
  • Use a different target i.e. floor target or large box


  • Increase the distance between shooter and catcher
Handball – Shooting

Equipment – ball or large scrunched up paper ball, jumpers or tea towels to make a goal.

Set up your goal and practice shooting with a one handed shot past the goalkeeper (parent)

(Q) Where should you aim for?

Challenge: Set up a dodging – shooting circuit

Dodging – Shooting Circuit

A – Shoot the ball into hands until  you get 10 points
B – Run and complete the  
W – dodging circuit.
C – Catch the ball from parent/carer to shoot with a one handed shot into the goal past the parent/carer

(Q) How quick can you complete the circuit?