Managing your Mental Health

Having a positive mental health and well-being during this time is very important. With the support and guidance from Change Talks founder Sam Tyrer below are some of the best resources available to help anyone struggling during this time:

Hub of Hope is a service that signposts you to all the local agencies supporting mental health. By typing in your postcode you will see all the local people you can speak to if you’re struggling with; Anxiety, depression or any other mental health disorders.

Young Minds are a national charity supporting young people with their mental health. There are some great resources on their website to support “young people get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s challenges.”

Change Talks & Mindset by Dave Sam Tyrer, Change Talks Founder and Dave from Mindset by Dave (Mindset coach) have recorded a series of podcasts around Anxiety and mechanisms to cope and manage during lockdown. Every week there will be a different focus so please have a listen!

The next podcast will be live and is on the 28th April @10am Listen Here

NHS- Every Mind Matters Look after your mental health by taking the mind quiz to identify some positive steps you can take to manage your mental health.

Kooth- Online support for young people from Lancashire, click here

Being physically active can be of great benefit in having a positive physical and mental health. See our Resources for Teenagers page for more information on being physically active.

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