Reaching new heights in the SPAR Lancashire School Games


School children from Burnley and Rossendale have been putting their climbing skills to the test in the SPAR Lancashire School Games Climbing Competition.

Held at Burnley College’s Fitness Evolution on Thursday 21st March, 42 Year 7 & 8 boys attended the event from 7 local high schools, all competing for the chance to represent Burnley and Rossendale in the SPAR Lancashire School Games county finals in July.

Teams of 6 pupils were tasked with climbing as high as they could within a set time frame, with points being awarded for the height achieved. The overall winners were the teams with the most points.

Unity College were crowned Burnley’s overall winners with Shuttleworth College placing second. For Rossendale, Whitworth Community High School took first place and Fearns Community Sports College placed second.

Other schools taking part in the event were Sir John Thursby Community College, Coal Clough Academy and Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College.

Mrs K Matthews, Head of PE at Unity College said: “The children were delighted and quite shocked to have progressed to the SPAR Lancashire School Games county finals. I hadn’t told them that the competition was a regional qualifier so they are incredibly proud to go forward to represent Burnley!

“We are lucky enough to have a climbing wall at school so they will be doing a lot more practice before the finals in July. The children have become a lot more confident and have found a minority sport that they love doing – hopefully they will continue and look to join a local club.”

Helen Tyson, school organiser for Burnley said: “Climbing is a fantastic minority sport that demands strength, decision making and stamina. The SPAR Lancashire School Games promote a breadth of different sports in the belief that children should be able to discover which sports they love, in order to increase their chances of staying physically active later in life.

“Climbing is new for this year and it is really refreshing to have a new sport on the competition calendar – a big thank you to the Fitness Evolution team and to Rossendale School Sports Partnership for their support during this event. Congratulations to all schools involved.”