Scorpion Skip Challenge

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Year 1 & 2 Challenge!

Linked to Learn! 9 – Skipping

You have been busy practicing your skipping. Are you ready to take part in our challenge?

Scorpion Skip

How fast can you skip to each toy & back to the middle?

You will need:

  • Stopwatch or mobile phone
  • 6 toys
  • Any item that can mark the middle of your course

How to:

  • Set your marker down in the middle of your space. 
  • Spread your toys at various points out in your space. 
  • Starting from the middle marker, and a helper timing you, start the clock, players skip to the first toy and touch it, then skip back to the middle.
  • Then skip to another toy, touch it and skip back to the middle.
  • Keep repeating until you have touched all the toys, remember to always travel back to middle before going to the next toy. Stop the clock when you get back to the middle for the final time. 
  • Make a note of your time, then try to beat it and compete against friends and family.

Video Demonstration

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