Spar Lancashire School Games 2020

The 2020 Spar Lancashire School Games aims to provide children and young people in Lancashire with the opportunity to compete, participate and enjoy sport and physical activity in the county.

In 2019 we introduced participation events such as Dodgeball & Angling. The events allow young people who might not typically get the opportunity to participate in the games and represent their school and district. Volleyball and Climbing competitions were also introduced. Due to the increase in these sports during curriculum time at secondary schools.

New for 2019/20 we have created a Mission and Vision for the Spar Lancashire school Games, this can be seen via-

The mission and vision will continue to empahsise the important message that the games are for all young people, and ensure competition is relevant, fair, fun and developmental.

Activities will be classed as

Growth-events and competitions will aim to motivate young people to continue their progression in sport and develop their skills further

Variation- Our variation opportunities will provide alternative competition for young people to improve their personal best, showcase working as a team and engage in meaningful, fun and developmental activities.

Involvement- Are festivals that are targeted at schools and pupils that never get the opportunity to represent their district or for young people who never get the chance to represent their school.

The Spar Lancashire School Games always aims to encourage diversity and inclusivity and our cultural offer for 2020 will encompass those beliefs, so keep an eye out in 2020!!!

Key Dates 2020

Spar Lancashire School Games 2020 Launch- 13th February 2020 @ James Hall & Co (Preston)

Spar Handball Finals – 6th March 2020 @ UCLan

Spar Lancashire School Games Swimming Gala & Special Schools Festival- 31st March 2020 @ Salt Ayre Leisure Centre

Spar Lancashire School Games 2019 Final- 30th June 2020 @ Stanley Park, Blackpool