SPAR Lancashire School Games 2020-21

We’re thrilled to present the 2020-21 Lancashire School Games. A very warm welcome to you all.

Following on from the success of last year’s SPAR Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme and with the continued restrictions Lancashire School Games Organisers have decided to create some new virtual resources for Schools to use during Term 1.

The start of this year will certainly be different, but the School Games will continue! The Games ensure that physical activity and competition are available to support young peoples’ wider development, including their ability to re-socialise and improve their physical and mental well-being.

The School Games are designed to be age appropriate and you will find a selection of activities along with a mix of competitions and challenges, both intra-school and inter-school. Once again, pupils will be able to have fun, compete, push themselves, show grit and determination and challenge each other.

There are four sports for you to explore during Term 1 are:

Athletics, Gymnastics, Football & Athletics

Each sport offers a competition open to all young people. Please see the formats below, which will explain the activities, the rules and outline the scoring systems. Each local SGO has their own format and competition rules and you can find their details here

Term 1 Packs

Primary School Term 1 Sports formats

Secondary School KS3 Cross County

Secondary School Year 7 & 8 Athletics

Supporting Documents for Term 1

Football skills diagram

Sportshall athletics guidance

Gymnastics scoring and judging criteria.

Orienteering guidance

Year 7 & 8 Athletics scoring

Please share your experiences with us. Tag @LancSchoolGames #LancsGames21