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Year 1 & 2 Challenge!

Linked to Learn 6 – Kicking

You have been busy practicing your kicking. Are you ready to take part in our challenge?

Koala Kick!

How many goals can you score from different distances?

You will need:

  • Football or larger ball
  • 2 Jumpers
  • 5 items for markers

How to:

  • Take your 2 jumpers and place them up to 5 strides apart, these are your goals
  • Take your 5 markers and place them in different places in your space, different distances from the goal.
  • Kick your ball from each of the markers, trying to aim between the jumpers.
  • If the ball rolls between the jumpers, you score one point.  If you roll over or hit a jumper you get 5 points for that go. 
  • Collect your ball each time and have a go from another marker. 
  • Finish your five kicks and add up your score.
  • Have another go, can you beat it?  Change where the markers are, use your other foot.

Video Demonstration

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