Spar Virtual Lancashire School Games 2020 – Celebration Dance

This year the Spar Lancashire School Games is going virtual! On the 30th June we have an action-packed day full of challenges and activities for children and families to take part in, whether they are in school or at home!

The information below provides a step by step guide and a suggested plan to learn the Celebration Dance which will take place at 10.15am on the 30th June. The dance routine is comprised of actions and movements from the sports in the Spar Lancashire School Games programme.

Good Luck and have fun learning the Celebration Dance!!!

Suggested plan for learning the Celebration Dance:

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 – Part 1:

  • Learn the first part of the celebration dance. Learn the moves and practice without music by watch this video (Click here)
  • Now Practice these dance moves with the music! (Click here)

Wednesday 24th June – Part 2:

  • Learn some new dance moves and practice the second part of the Celebration Dance (Click here)
  • Now try the second part of the dance with the music (Click Here)

Thursday 25th June – Part 3:

  • You’ve now learnt half of the Celebration Dance, Now it’s time to learn part 3 (Click Here)
  • Now try the part 3 dance moves with the music (Click Here)

Friday 26th June – Part 4:

  • You’ve nearly learnt all the moves now. Learn the final part of the dance routine (Click Here)
  • Put all the moves together now and practice the full routine in preparation for Tuesday 30th June (Click Here)

Over the Weekend and on Monday 29th June practice the Dance routine in full, or break it down by using the videos above. Have fun learning the dance and we’ll see you on the 30th June at the Spar Virtual Lancashire School Games 2020!

Share your videos and photos with us:

We want to see you practising this dance at school or at home, and taking part on the 30th June, so please share your videos and photos to:

Twitter- @LancSchoolGames           
Facebook- @LancSchoolGames
Instagram- @lancashireschoolgames

Videos and photos posted on social media with the #LancsGames20 will be entered into a prize draw to win some Amazon vouchers! Please let us know which district you are from.