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Stay at Home Heroes Challenge

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Are you ready to take part in our Lancashire School Games Hero Challenge?

Tri-Golf – Putting Practice!

Can you make a put? Can you hit the targets?

You will need:

  • 1 small ball such as a tennis ball or scrunched up piece of tin foil
  • 1 item such to act as your golf putter.  Such as a broom, plank of wood, umbrella, cricket bat. If you have a putter, hockey stick, great, they can also be used.
  • 1 stopwatch/phone
  1. Line up 10 items – for example water bottles, tins, shoes etc. These are your ‘golden eggs’
  2. Include 3 random items that are ‘bad eggs’
  3. Set a ‘tee’ up 3m from the targets
  4. You have a total time limit of 60 seconds to collect as many golden eggs as possible. 
  5. Every time you hit a ‘golden egg’ run out and collect the egg(s) you have hit.
  6. Every time you hit a ‘bad egg’ return 2 of your ‘golden eggs’ to the line.
  7. At the end of 60 seconds count up how many golden eggs you have.  
  8. If you have hit all the golden eggs before your 60 seconds is up, set up the eggs again, keeping track of your score and continue to add up your eggs.

Make it harder: Move your tee further away or add in more ‘bad eggs’
Make it easier: Move your tee closer or take out the ‘bad eggs’
Make it inclusive: Sit down and or use your hand to roll the ball or foot to kick the ball to the target.

Video Demonstration

Share your videos and photos with us.

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Other activities for you to ‘tri’-golf:

Golf Skittles
Set up 10 items in a triangle formation like a Ten Pin bowling formation
You have a maximum of 5 shots, what is your total score?

Create a Course
Create a golf course around your home – one hole per room, for example.
For your holes, use mugs, bowls or saucepans on their sides.

  • Set the ‘par’ (expected number of shots to get the ball in the hole) for each hole, for example:
    • par 1, hole one: Bathroom
    • par 2, hole two: kitchen
    • par three, hole three: lounge
    • par 4, hole 4: Garden
  • Go and play each hole and record your score
  • Total up your score and try and give a total ‘x’ under or over par
  • Repeat the course every day and try and beat your score